Looking for a live band for your wedding reception?

 Combine the best of both worlds, live band and DJ, and take your entertainment to the next level with All That!

Live Band & DJ

We can provide, in one package:

  • A great band that covers all types of music:  Rock, Funk, Country, R&B, Standards, Current Hits, and Oldies

  • The band sounds great AND is entertaining to watch

  • A DJ that will keep the party rocking when the band takes a break

  • Lighting and PA systems second to none

  • Master of Ceremonies

  • Father/Daughter special music

  • Mother/Son special music

  • Bride/Groom special music

  • All the favorite “SLIDE” selections

  • Requests by the wedding party

  • Meeting with the Bride and Groom to personalize your special day

Planners, be the first to offer your special clients a complete entertainment package that makes the bride and groom happy and differentiates your weddings from your competition's.